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Scaffold Service



OJL Construction specializes in the arming and dismantling of scaffold, safely and methodically. Our team of managers, supervisors and craftsmen are experienced in every aspect of the scaffolding business.

FCCUs and Coker Units are projects we specialize in, amongst other things.

We also provide scaffolding as well as insulation for a variety of services, including:

  • Maintenance
  • Emergency Assist
  • Shutdowns/Turnarounds
  • New Construction or Reconstruction


We try our very best to provide access solutions for any size project (interior or exterior), while at the same time providing our customers with innovative and cost efficient scaffold service without compromising safety.

Our goal is to provide the customer access in which they can operate safely and efficiently. Our teams have the experience necessary to ensure that your project be completed professionally and on time.

For further information on our services or an inquiry please contact:

Project Manager: Oscar Lerma

Work Phone: 979-665-6779